Consistent Growth for 24 Years Driven by Customer Satisfaction

Since the opening in 1992, we have grown steadily supplying the highest quality crankshafts to major auto manufactures. Our forging lines have grown, too: one line in 1992 and now four lines. Here is why.

1. Customer-driven Growth

We have consistently grown because we have satisfied our customers. The reason: team-members’ determination to satisfy them.

Number of Crankshaft ICI has sold chart

2. Strategic Position and Location

We are a part of Nippon Steel Corporation Group, a world leader in steel that forges 10% of global auto engine crankshafts. Our location in Kentucky is close to the center of the North American auto industry, enabling us to serve our diverse customer base.

"The importance of this statistic is it attests to ICI's ability to generate new business as well as diversify their business model in the automotive business sector" -Georgetown News Graphic

ICI Global Map

3. Teamwork

Our team is one big family pursuing one big goal. Here is how our team feels working for ICI.

Team Photo